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Introducing the NEW Digi-Shock Series  |  3.28.16

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Introducing the new Digi-Shock Series. In this video we introduce the Digi-Shock G, GT, and XT models. An overall view of the what each device is
and does upon using one of these efficient devices for your
transportation monitoring needs.


Impact-O-Graph Devices is now on Newswire  |  3.8.16

Impact-O-Graph Devices is now on Newswire press release distribution service. Here you will find our latest press release stories and events from our company. In our main profile page you will find an asortment of news in social media and our latest innovations in our products. Feel free to visit our page for more information and get familiar with Newswire.
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Impact-O-Graph Devices Announces Digi-Shock XT  |  1.19.16


Impact-O-Graph Devices Announces Tamper resistant version of Its Best-Selling Shock Indicator  |  10.7.15

Impact-O-Graph Devices under the brand of IOG Products, LLC announces the release
of their new tamper-resistant Omni-directional shock indicator, Omni-GWS identify the problem.

Impact-O-Graph's best-selling shock indicator, not only provides indisputable evidence of
how the shipment was handled, but also creates accountability through-out the entirety of
the supply chain. The Omni- GWS is a resettable impact indicator that can be reused hundreds
of times using the resetting tweezers.
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RISK MANAGEMENT  |   8.13.15

Whether importing, exporting or shipping domestically, damaged products can severely
affect your company's bottom line. The first step to finding a solution is to identify the problem.

Impact-O-Graph Devices line of temperature and impact monitors and indicators can
help identify and locate trouble spots in the transportation chain, in storage or while
equipment is in use. All of which deter or reduce the incidence of mishandling.
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REDUCE DAMAGE  |  8.13.15

Have you experienced damaged products during shipments? One of
the main concerns amongst Distribution and Shipping Managers is unidentifiable
causes of damage to products while they are in transit. If you don’t monitor your
goods, insurance companies are much less likely to reimburse you for your losses.

According to a recent study published by The Supply Chain Management Faculty at The University
of Tennessee, Managing Risk in the Global Supply Chain, 100 percent of supply chain executives
acknowledged insurance as an effective risk mitigation tool.
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