About Us

McMinnville is a community that makes the welfare and educational needs of its children a priority. Building on that tradition, the McMinnville Education Foundation was established in 1998 to provide support and enrichment learning experiences for the students of School District #40. The programs that the Foundation supports go beyond limited funding options of public school.

Students get a hands-on opportunity to learn about our eco-system.

Our mission is to expand the range of educational opportunities available to students in the District and to encourage excellence, innovation, and creativity in our educational system.

The volunteer board of directors of the Foundation is comprised of community-minded individuals including parents, educators, and business leaders.

The founding directors contributed funds to establish the endowment; additional community donations and support have boosted the endowment to approximately $308,000. The Foundation is well on its way to achieving its endowment goal of $500,000 by 2016.

Complementing these long range goals, fundraising efforts and generous donations provide the creation and existence of dynamic programs that enhance student learning.