Programs – Science Enrichment

McMinnville Education Foundation is thrilled to partner with the school district to offer hands-on science experiences outside the classroom to every student in kindergarten through 7th. With plans to add at least one grade level per year, eventually every student K-12 will be touched by MEF’s science enrichment program. The program is aligned with the state science standards established by the Oregon Department of Education.

Tsunami Simulation

  • First graders will travel to Evergreen Museum for a 2 hour field trip titled “Science Behind Structures.” Students will participate in a team-building engineering design challenge at the museum and then receive a one hour follow-up lesson.

    Second graders study insects at Miller Woods.

    Second graders study insects at Miller Woods.

  • Second graders will head to Miller Woods for “Insecta Inspecta”, a half day field trip that explores insect habitat and comparing ecosystems. Students will create a field guide as a final product.
  • Third graders will visit the Mac Water and Light Treatment Plant for “The Science of Water” and rotate through 4-5 different stations. This all day field trip includes creating a water filter, observing the water flocking process, and checking for PH balance in water samples. Mac Water and Light provides funding for all transportation, outreach, and equipment.
  • Fourth graders will head back to Miller Woods for “Ecology.” In this all day field trip students observe and learn about birds and build houses. High school science students assist small groups.
  • Fifth graders head back to Evergreen Museum for “The Physics of Skateboards.” Students will engage in experiments with friction, engineering, and design. They will use spring scales to measure items and record their observations. This is an all day field trip.
  • Sixth graders will travel to the OSU Wave Center in Corvallis for “Tsunami Challenge.” Prior to the field trip, students build their tsunami structure model and bring them to the wave pool to test their durability.
  • Watch the tsunami challenge video taken at OSU’s wave research center
  • Seventh graders visit Metzger Park for “Landforms and Erosion.” During this all day field trip students observe evidence of erosion, weathering, and deposition in the environment. They will also complete a stream table lab and collect data.